Best Front End Developer Portfolio Examples +How-to guideline

This is a good web developer portfolio example for those who want to showcase additional skills. If you’re a web developer with lots of projects to showcase, Eric’s personal portfolio can be a good source of inspiration. Jack Jeznach is a front-end developer and WordPress expert with 10+ years of experience. how to become a front end developer His portfolio’s design seeks to capture the visitors’ attention with a creative concept and seamless background animation. Brittany Chiang’s web developer portfolio incorporates a dark background and light colors for other elements like fonts and icons, which is a great way to highlight important details.

A front-end dev portfolio with an easy-to-navigate layout shows the potential employer or client how you realize business ideas when creating web pages. By incorporating visually appealing designs, engaging animations, and interactive elements, your portfolio demonstrates your creativity and ability to create memorable user experiences. This is particularly important for front-end developers, as your portfolio serves as a testament to your design sensibilities and attention to detail.

Curate your projects

Web developer and technical writer focusing on frontend technologies. You can also check out the live demo of the portfolio website as well. It has a readme that contains information about the tools I used, and how you can customize the website. But there is a problem – the mobile nav is not hidden any time any of the nav item links are clicked. So we need to remove the class of nav when any of the nav item links are clicked.

front end developer portfolios

When the user hovers on any link, it changes to the secondary color I set in the CSS variables. There is also a readme file containing all the tools I used in the project, with their respective links. A portfolio can also help build trust with clients because they have direct evidence of the quality of your work. With your own portfolio website, it’s live on your own domain online.

What to Include in Your Portfolio

You can prioritize what you want to learn the most in creating your portfolio while serving its overall purpose of communicating who you are and what you have worked on. A tech stack includes the languages, frameworks, libraries and any tools you use to build a project. I’m a front end developer, and I learned to code through a bootcamp.

  • So we need to remove the class of nav when any of the nav item links are clicked.
  • Cassie Codes’ portfolio is unique insofar as it is intentionally designed to be playful.
  • A front end developer portfolio also serves as an inventory system for your completed projects.
  • One thing to love about Matt’s front-end web developer portfolio is its simplicity.
  • A frontend web developer portfolio is a great example of how you follow industry best practices in your past projects and the technology trends you monitor.

I hope that this collection will help you and your inspiration to create your beautiful portfolio. And if you’re feeling nervous, remember that you’re not limited to the decisions you make right now. After all, a software development or engineering career is a journey of learning and iterating.

What should be included in your backend developer portfolio?

Therefore, pouring your 100% into making an impressive front end developer website portfolio is necessary. We have put together the ultimate list of ways to create (or optimize) a winning front end developer portfolio along with some examples. A front-end developer’s main duty is to integrate programming technology and design in creating an appealing user interface (UI) website or web application that is easy to use.

The purpose of this article is to provide some guidelines to how to populate your frontend developer portfolio, by way of example projects. Another route to picking your languages or choosing libraries is to pick based on your site design and what you’re curious about. Going down this path is easier once you have a design in mind. As a front end developer, a portfolio is a place to show your code itself, as well as your projects, personality, and UI/UX sensibilities. Hosting your code on a public repository means pushing your development work for your portfolio to a platform where people can see your code, file structure, and any documentation you added.

I have looked at your articles and find them very useful when creating a portfolio. And I basically agree with the statements from Google that the site should not waste user time. But I also agree with you that you should not get hung up on the advice of large companies and create standard resume sites. But that does not not mean you should turn every portfolio site into an elevator pitch! Including a simple library, or JavaScript framework, is useful practice.

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