Staycation is important in the current busy lifestyle

Staycation is important in the current busy lifestyle

The term staycation, derived from the U.S, is a neologism taken from “stay” and “vacation”. As per the Cambridge Dictionary, denotes vacations that one takes at home or near one’s home than touring a different place.

During and after the pandemic, travelling for leisure has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, staycations can be easily planned because there is less travelling, less use of public transport and pocket-friendly. Staycations are an economic and ecological way of taking time off from the humdrum of daily life. It ensures less pollution and saves money. It also helps in avoiding crowding and chaos that takes place in the tourist areas.

The idea of staycation originated during the 2008 market crisis in the United States. The cost limitations to travel abroad led many ​​people to rediscover their neighbourhood areas. Therefore, Staycation comes across as an incredible solution to these problems. It appears to be a wonderful way of spending one’s vacations while conserving one’s money and the environment. Staying near home reduces the cost of lodging by 15% which is making people choose staycations much more in recent times.

Besides the monetary savings made by not having to buy costly plane tickets and not having to make reservations for hotel rooms, a staycation also reduces the toxic GHG emissions on land. The use of cars, boats and planes is limited and other ecological modes of transport are favoured such as public transport, bicycles, electric scooters or just walking are favoured instead. This ensures fewer carbon footprints compared to long-distance travel.

Thus when one needs to get away from the stress of everyday life, a staycation is a promising choice for such people in these situations. Staycation is a holiday where one can just unwind at the house with one’s family, make a day’s trip and return home at night. Spending time with family, in turn, strengthens the bond with them.

It helps in making memories at a penny’s cost of one vacation. People can enjoy various staycations and eventually, end up It takes more planning before a vacation (like sanctioning of leaves, budget, destination, etc.) compared to a staycation. One just has to choose a day and cancel out all prior meetings and responsibilities and then embark on the staycation.

Nowadays we are bound to our gadgets so much that our day begins and ends with our technology.  Sometimes it is a necessity to stay away from technology. We can take a hiatus from the internet which is almost unthinkable in our ordinary life, especially due to the pandemic, but a staycation offers this opportunity. The sole purpose is to set everything aside and focus on oneself and the family. This is the time when people can go visit a spa and, get pampered. The 9-9 job does allow one to even know about the nearby places in one’s neighbourhood let alone know the city. A staycation allows one to do this. People have the whole day to explore the unexplored places for which they never had the time. One may feel fascinated to know the hidden gems of one’s city. There is no need to travel the whole world to find the magic it offers.  It is amusing to be a tourist in one’s city at times. Thus, staycations have a lot of benefits, especially during the times of the raging pandemic when travelling to faraway places is restricted and difficult.

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